Dear readers, 

In May 2017, I had the privilege of meeting Steven Woolfe. At the time, we both attended an event in Hollywood Beach, Florida, organized by an NGO called Conservatives International. 

I remember that event like it was yesterday. It was packed with influential members of the liberty movement in Europe, Latin America, and of course, the United States – from former heads of state like Jose Maria Aznar (Spain) and Jorge Quiroga (Bolivia) to influential economists like Hernando de Soto and journalists like Carlos Alberto Montaner.

At the time, my country (Venezuela) was experiencing an unprecedented time. The Venezuelan youth, tired of living under a brutal and unfair dictatorship, went to the streets for days, weeks, and even months. It was a courageous effort, one that not only inspired the whole country but also the rest of the world. 

One of those people who found inspiration in my country’s quest for freedom was no other than Steven himself. I remember Steven introducing himself and telling me, “Jorge, anything I can do to help your people, you let me know, you can count on me.” That day, in fact, we recorded an interview where I explained the crisis that was unfolding in Venezuela. 

Since then, Steven and I have been in touch. Because while we may not share the country we come from, we do share the same vision for humanity. A world where freedom and democracy are protected in countries like the United Kingdom and restored in countries like mine. A world where institutions like the free market and the rule of law reach not just a lucky few, but every person.

This is why I am joining Libertatio. Because just like freedom has united Steven and I throughout the years, I believe that Libertatio can become a platform to unite those willing to fight for this noble cause. Just like me a few years ago, freedom fighters all around the world need a place where their stories will be shared freely and without any kind of censorship. This is what Libertatio will become.

At Libertatio, I will have a weekly column (either in writing or through video) to discuss a myriad of issues all related to international affairs, from international economics to international relations. In fact, in the past, my most popular writings have been on a subfield of geopolitics and economics known as “geoeconomics.” This is a term that refers to the study of how nations use economic tools to achieve geopolitical objectives. 

On the subject of geoeconomics, I have written for influential policy magazines like The National Interest, National Review, and Foreign Policy. I have covered topics like the effectiveness of the United States’ financial sanctions against the Maduro regime and against the Ayatollah regime in Iran. I have also discussed the rise of China and its Belt and Road Initiative. Overall, my goal with these articles has been the study of these nations’ foreign policy and the functioning of the international system as a whole. 

At Libertatio, I will keep writing about these subjects. I will also write about economics in general. And, of course, I will write about politics, from Venezuela to Europe. In general, the idea is that every week we can elaborate a little bit about the complexities of today’s world, from its challenges to its opportunities. The idea is that we can learn, together, how to advance freedom within our current context.

So you know a little bit more about me, I will conclude by mentioning to you my academic and professional affiliations. I am the Director of Alumni Programs of Students For Liberty. With more than 2000 activists in over 100 countries, we are an NGO focused on advancing freedom worldwide. I am also a researcher at IESE Business School, affiliated with IESE’s Center for Public Leadership and Government, where I am conducting research about foreign policy. 

With this being said, I hope that all of you enjoy my columns. My hope is that we can learn together and work together so that Libertatio becomes the premier platform for freethinkers all over the world.