The Culture War has been raging across Western democracies for the past few decades. The first battles were in the guise of political correctness where citizens were forced to not to use language that had been spoken for generations. In a changing world most accepted that sexist, racist or homophobic language that was deliberately used to discriminate or sought to inflict harm was no longer acceptable. Then language, and law, was used to allow people to lose their jobs or be taken to court for hurt feelings or emotion. Crimes could be committed when even the target had not been offended but others are offended on behalf of the alleged victim. 

The morphing of the “hurty feelings” brigade into culture war opened up a new flank to attack history and historical figures long loathed by the left and marxists. Such historical figures such as Winston Churchill are regarded as monstrous racist, bigot and war mongers and should be cancelled from the collective history of a nation or a people. Cancel culture is now stretching across all parts of human life from conversation to dating; to positions of power, publishing of books even the right to work. It is a weapons of fear and intimidation used by the new marxists in this war against freedom. Having pulled down statutes of lesser historical figures like Edward Coulsden the Woke Elites emboldend, reached gates of one of the very men who fought to give them the right to be free. 

On the death of Winston Churchill in 1965 a grateful nation established a trust in his name, The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust, to carry on his legacy of by providing scholarships to UK citizens to learn abroad and use that knowledge to improve the lives of UK citizens. It has provided scholarship to over 5800 people in its time. It was said to be a worthy cause. 

In August of 2021 the leadership decided to change the name of the trust that bore the name “Winston Churchill” to the “Churchill Fellowship”.  

Last month we simplified our name to ‘the Churchill Fellowship’. We did so not because we are disowning Sir Winston, but because over many years we have found that, in a simple practical sense, the name was confusing to people and did not explain what we do. People thought that ‘Winston Churchill Memorial Trust’ meant we looked after Sir Winstons statues or his historical archives, which is not the case.

The statement suggesting that they were not“disowning Sir Winston”, but was a practical decision as they suggested people thought the Trust looked after cleaning of Churchills. I believe this is poppycock and a  mealy mouth piece of chicanery. If people really thought that the foundation cleaned statutes after looking on its website. Then this was down to the failure of the Trustees to get their message across. 

Furthermore, I believe the statement was hiding a deeper reason for the change. The Foundation had become part of the Woke Cancel Culture frontline. The year before the same Foundation published a statement on its website statement they made in 2020 was clear they liked Sir Winston patriotic fight but not much else.  

“Today there is controversy about aspects of Sir Winstons life. Many of his views on race are widely seen as unacceptable today, a view that we share. At the same time, he is internationally admired for his wartime leadership in saving Britain and the world from Nazism. We acknowledge the many issues and complexities involved on all sides, but do not accept racism of any kind”.

So as all sneaky people, in the sneaky and sly world of Woke Warriors, my opinion is that this  sent a message to Woke leadership that, in the light of the fight to cancel Britains historical figure they will help take down one of its greatest. They will do so on that basis that they deemed him unacceptable and racist. 

So the message that they supported his achievements but he is controversial lead to the opportunity to rebrand and air strip out of history his first name. They initially also took down his photo, but restored it under pressure. How long it will stay there is anyones goes.

The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust name is as clear as day a trust to remember the deeds and actions of Winston Churchill. The Churchill Fellowship is meaningless. It signifies nothing. But that is just what the marxist ideology of the cancel culture wants. No meaning for society to hold onto. A clean slate in which to impose its own heroes and ideology 

Today at the Woke dinner tables of our new Metropolitan elitist masters she would have arms wrapped around her in Woke solidarity. They would have cheered her great stance against racism when it is actually nothing of the sort. It is weakness and cowardice to pretend that this is about equality. It is about a dogma that wants to write history in another version. This is exactly what communists, nazis, dictators, bullies and saddos do. 

The Cancel Culture Woke elites want us to fear them. For fear is what they deliver to our lives, fear of our culture, fear of our words, fear of our history, fear of our lives, fear of our own identities, fear of ourselves. 

And fear is not a way to live. Nor is it a way to exist.

Today we should say  no to the fear of the Weasle Wokery. Our battle cry of freedom should shake the clouds of history.  Our fate, the fate of our children, the fate of the future of Western Liberal culture depends on our desire to champion our values of free speech, equality. To seek out those seek to dismantle hundreds of years of liberty, to hunt down those who have championed its deceitful ideology, to isolate them, to challenge them and defeat them.

I will remember the words of Winston Churchill

“Victory at all costs, victory in spite of all. Terror, victory however long and hard may be for without victory there is no survival.”