I woke up this morning of 31st August 2021 to the light of a warm sunshine filling my small, neat holiday bedroom. As I looked out across the calm pale blue waters of the Mediteranean I genuinely felt a rise of joy. I had been lifted by natures natural healer. The past two years of personal family and business disasters, struggles through the enforced Covid restrictions, including contracting the virus twice and watching the unfolding of nations impose dictatorial edicts upon its people had taken a toll. A toll billions of people on this planet experience each day as their lives are micro managed to dangerous levels. 

I smiled to myself and made a small prayer of gratitude for the luck of being granted this opportunity.  Then I switched on my social media feeds.  Instantly I was starkly reminded of the destruction of life, so casually caused ,by our modern day progressives elites. 

What struck me was the image of eleven neatly, positioned coffins in the bay of a US military aircraft. Each was carefully, lovingly and respectfully covered by a pristine, pressed flag of the United States of America. The stark positioning of those coffins and the bright emblem of a nations democracy conveyed the solemn message those fallen deserved. We respect your sacrifice and honour you. 

When I see images like this I feel the immense, dark sadness of the loss of life. A life given in service to a nation and the idea of protecting freedom. I also feel the wonder and pride of the patriotism of the flag and its powerful message of national unity.

Yet, there is something else, something deeper that is being conveyed by that tragic loss of military life as the United States puIled out of its Afghanistan adventure. It is, that we are coming to the end of that era where those young  lives were sacrificed for something of value and importance. 

When the military return in the US, or here in the UK, they are not lauded with respect for their sacrifice unless it is falsely done by their leaders at set piece media events. The sight of the Commander in Chief, President Biden, checking his watch at the service of the fallen captured the moment millions already knew about modern progressive liberals. They do not care about faith, flag, family or fealty to the state. 

They promote and demand we kneel for rainbow flags and BLM. We watch as mobs pull down statutes of our history. Our children our educated by Marxist ideology of hate, control and division in the false pretence its about equality. Racist critical life theory deems all white people as privileged and those BAME people, like me, who refuse to kneel to their hateful language as traitors. Yet political leaders denounce those who oppose the new ideology as extremists or hide behind walls of PR to avoid the choosing of sides.   

Businesses now further encourage and divide people for fear of twitternazi mobs. Yet behind the scenes they seek monopolistic benefits and handouts to  new  diversity organisations filled with their families  or friends. Those organisations continue to promote further racial division. Take the example of Ben and Jerrys Chief of the Board of Directors. She promoted  a Company policy to stops sales of their ice cream by Jewish businesses in the West Bank. Behind the scenes she headed a non-profit that received benefits from Ben and Jerrys charitable arm to support anti Israel projects. These examples are so commonplace. She will not be forced to resign or be embarrassed like the ME TOO movement. Such is the hypocracy and dominance of the Neo-marxist ideally in business today. 

We are at the end of liberty, the decline of Western Christian Judeo Liberalism is almost complete. What’s left is like the hiding of the Christians from persecution, Jews from the Nazis, the English from the Romans or Norman’s. In the US they still have some Republicans and pride. In the UK we have no parties totally willing to defend or protect our historic principles of common law freedom. A few brave and principles MPs carry on a fight within. Most of our elites are standing on the deck of the burning ship of Freedom as it is mauraded by the minority hordes of new progressive dictators. They pronounce Sod Freedom and cry How do we divide the spoils and join this new band of communists.

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