Dear readers, 

From Libertatio’s Editorial Board, we want to wish all of you a happy new year. 

We wish you a year filled with nothing but happiness and health.

Our biggest hope is that by the end of the year, we can all remember 2022 as a year of peace and progress for our nations.

Here we have three political issues to watch in 2022:

2022: A Post COVID world? 

2022 is going to be a turning point year regarding COVID. With the new variant only producing mild symptoms, and with most people already vaccinated, this year should mark the end of a pandemic that began two years ago. 

However, this process will not occur without resistance from certain industries and interests. Some governments will continue proposing nonsensical lockdowns and other policies against our fundamental rights and freedoms. 

It is our duty to oppose such policies, as they are neither based on science nor considering other societal problems, such as the spike in mental health issues since 2020.

2022: Inflation out of control? 

Back in February 2021, I wrote about the inflationary risks of President Biden’s gigantic stimulus program. To put it simply, Biden’s stimulus program is over three times the loss in economic output that the United States economy experienced during the pandemic. 

As such, it did not come as a surprise to me the rise in inflation that most major economies experienced during 2021. Today, annual inflation in the U.S. situates at roughly 7 percent. This situation is beginning to worry policymakers and businessmen alike. 

If this trend continues in 2022, and the right policies are not implemented by central banks all over the world, then the year ahead could see a worrisome spike in inflation. This will end up harming the working class the most.

2022: The year of a revolutionary international order? 

Henry Kissinger’s definition of a “legitimate” international system is one that is accepted by all major powers. According to Kissinger, such a situation is stable and predictable, and because of it, desirable. 

In contrast, Kissinger considers that an international system that is not accepted by one of the major international powers should be considered as “revolutionary,” “unstable,” and therefore, “dangerous.”

If Kissinger is right, then we can expect a year with plenty of moves in the international arena, as it seems that no major nation is happy with the status quo. So, we should keep an eye on Ukraine, Taiwan, Venezuela, the Baltic states, and others.


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