The EU migration crisis began in 2014 was initially triggered by Chancellor Merkel’s unilateral decision to throw open the gates of Europe and despite EU claims it shows little sign of abating.

With resistance now coming from many countries against migrant quotas imposed from Brussels, an alarming report from Slovenian news site Nova 24 has shown how the bloc, supported by UN agencies and George Soros, has helped facilitate the large movement of people in to the continent.

Their source inside the Croatian Police stated that the ‘refugees’ are equipped with hiking clothes, high quality walking boots, the latest mobile phones and allegedly weapons. Alarmingly, it would appear that these good are paid for on prepaid debit cards provided by Mastercard and that the cards have the EU and UNHCR logos and a number but no name on them and are dished out without any need for proof of identity.

MasterCard announced in 2016 that they had issued prepaid debit cards to “give refugees mobility, flexibility and dignity” furthermore, they announced a tie up with George Soros last year in 2019 to “catalyse and accelerate economic and social development for vulnerable groups in the world, especially refugees and migrants”.

The press release for that tie-in also stated that Soros had earmarked $500mn for the project to “… increase capacity to meet the challenges faced by migrants, including refugees, and their host communities across the world”

This revelation leaves open a number of worrying questions.

Firstly, if these cards are unregistered and have no usage limitations on them then what is to stop migrants purchasing non essentials or luxuries that are either dangerous or open up illicit trading in a new ‘black market’? Surely, coupons for essentials like food and toiletries would not only ensure that migrants get the basics required but also limit the possibility of criminal elements gaining a foothold?

Secondly, the countries experiencing large migrant inflows are themselves in many cases in the midst of their own economic crises eg Greece, Spain and Italy. With large scale youth unemployment in all three and the EU forcing budgets and conditions on these sovereign states, why are the UN and Soros funding support for the migrants when the populations of those countries are struggling under austerity measures? It incentivises still more migration in to areas of deprivation, increasing the burden on struggling nation states and does nothing for the citizens of those states to dig themselves out of an economic hole.

Thirdly, we often hear Liberal politicians in Brussels lecturing us that we need migration to make up for a declining birthrate and that immigrants will be doing the jobs during the demographic decline of Europe. Yet the country’s that these migrants are entering have large scale youth unemployment and the provision of the debit cards amounts to ‘free money’, de-incentivising those migrants from settling in one place and finding useful employment.

Finally, with the promise of such largesse available on entry to Europe, the participants in the scheme are acting as recruiting agents for the people traffickers who are already making billions out of the misery of those crossing the Mediterranean – you can just imagine them telling those looking for a new life in the North that once landed, their every need will be catered for with proof of what is going on.

The reality is that this is not a refugee crisis, it is mass, uncontrolled economic migration that is enabled by such programmes and their providers. With the EU’s own figures showing that as much as 85% of the migration is of young males and that only a small proportion are from war torn areas, this reckless opening of the borders is storing up major issues for the years ahead.

One has to ask, in light of the Barcelona and Marrakesh Declarations, what is the end game of the UN, the EU or open door migrationists like George Soros? Large scale demographic change of this nature has never been seen before and we are already seeing friction as the migrants clash with citizens and Police across the continent, most noticeably in Germany, Sweden and France.

Is it any wonder that Populist parties opposing the migration and wishing to defend the culture of their communities and the integrity of their borders are rising across Europe and clashing with the facilitators of this change in the corridors of Brussels?

The lessons of history show that when cultures and ideologies clash, it usually doesn’t end well. But maybe that is the aim of those at the top of the chain as people worry about rising violence and as communities become fragmented and lose their identity, it becomes easier to impose draconian laws, curb personal freedom and increase reliance upon the state.

It would be wise to remember the famous quote from Benjamin Franklin 

“ Those who would give up essential liberty, to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety”

It is time for the People of Europe to say ‘enough’ and for those at the top to find another way. If they don’t, expect the Populist surge to continue and the EU to fall.

My thanks to Nova 24 and Voice of Europe for the original source material


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